Bings and Boings: Constructing the right feedback for learning

Feedback is a focal point when it comes to designing Educational Products. A lot of the engagement and motivation for learning relies on the way feedback is planned and implemented. In this workshop we will review and experiment with a range of different approaches to feedback and the way they impact the user.

Ram Almog is the founder at Red Interactive, a digital agency that creates products and services from concept to implementation. He consults start-ups on business strategies, marketing, digital products, and technology. Ram’s main focus is on Ed-Tech, and he has created several educational products. Ram brings a strategic approach to business, marketing and technology. Over the years he has produced several award winning projects for the international market.

Red is a creative digital design boutique, which delivers solutions to be remembered. They have a strong and multidisciplinary mix of skills and talents, which delivers interactive media that is characterized by its unique concept, amazing design and reliable implementation. If you don’t believe us, feel free to take a look at the portfolio on their website.

Product Thinking