Product Culture in a Growing Organisation


XING’s product organization has grown to almost 50 product managers and product directors working in different parts of the company. As most of them work in interdisciplinary development teams and don’t sit with their peers a frequent exchange doesn’t come automatically. This leads to the risks of “professional isolation”, silo thinking and inefficiencies. And more importantly it makes it quite difficult to learn from each other and work in an aligned and efficient way.
Over the last years XING has worked on an internal “p@x community” (Product @ XING) with a focus on collaborative learning and alignment. Over time we established various methods and formats that can also be applied at other growing product organizations.
Christina will present a variety of ways how the product managers at XING learn from and with each other. Arne will show how the framework “Auftragsklärung” but also other methods lead to early alignment for overarching topics and how they help product managers gain more clarity for their own thinking and team.

Product Experience