Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

Director of Product, Upside Travel

Alex is passionate about creating and growing powerful web and mobile products, which make a significant impact in millions of people’s lives. He also enjoys building and managing the development teams that help achieve that mission.

Over the course of Alex’s career, he has observed many different types of Product Owners across various sizes and types of companies across several industries. From this experience, and the experience of his Product Owner peers at Webs, Pagemodo, and Vistaprint he will take you through an in-depth exploration of the challenges, learnings, and successes of bringing Vistaprint’s latest Website Builder, code-named “Tower”, from idea to prototype to launch.

Currently, Alex works for Vistaprint as the Head of Websites and Identity Products (Domains and Email Hosting). In this specific role, he manages 3 agile development teams across 3 different locations (DC, Boston, Tunisia).
Moreover, he also previously managed a scrum team that was responsible for account, identity, and subscription infrastructure.

Because of his role as the product manager for these scrum teams, he is incredibly passionate about learning something new every day and pursuing continuous improvement.