Arne Kittler

Arne Kittler

Director Mobile Product Management at XING AG
Hamburg, Germany


Bio: Arne has 16 years of experience in developing digital products and communication in various roles and 9 years of experience as a people manager. Strong believer in modular, holistic systems. Active networker. Curious collaborator. Proud father. More at

Debate with Tony Fernandes, Mike Belsito, Jason Shen, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, Arne Kittler, Christina Scherck and SC Moatti

Collaborative Learning in a Growing Product Organization


XING’s product organization has grown to almost 50 product managers and product directors working in different parts of the company. As most of them work in interdisciplinary development teams and don’t sit with their peers a frequent exchange doesn’t come automatically. This leads to the risks of “professional isolation”, silo thinking and inefficiencies. And more […]

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