Gabriel Steinhardt

Gabriel Steinhardt

Gabriel is an internationally recognized Product Management and Technology expert. He is the creator of the Product Manager's Toolkit®.

Gabriel Steinhardt is the founder and CEO of Blackblot. Moreover, he is an internationally recognized technology product management expert, author, lecturer and developer of some practical tools and methods to increase the productivity of product managers. Blackblot is the developer of the Product Manager’s Toolkit (PMTK), the methodology and the leading provider of training and expert services for market leaders and innovators, on a global scale!


“The Product Manager’s Toolkit”

Methodologies, Processes and Tasks in High-Tech Product Management” book, free online hosted copy of Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit® (PMTK) professional template collection, lifetime free and unlimited updates and upgrades to PMTK, one-time free registration to each of the available Blackblot Psychometric Test™ (BPT) psychometric tests, cloth carry bag, digital slides booklet and action plan, membership in the “Blackblot Alumni” career networking group, and digital copies of the official course certificate of completion. All course materials are provided in the English language.


Gabriel is a renowned expert in his field, and trains managers all over the world.

Blackblot Strategic Product Planner™

In tutorial course led by Product Management guru Gabriel Steinhardt, you’ll learn how to apply the Blackblot Strategic Product Planner™ (SPP) methodology, a one-day advanced course that provides attendees with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively identify and articulate market and product requirements.  COURSE DESCRIPTION Based on the Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology, […]

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