Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown

Senior Product Strategist at ThoughtWorks

Bio: Jordan Brown is a Senior Product Strategist at ThoughtWorks —a global consultancy dedicated to revolutionizing software design. Jordan works with organizations and leaders to

understand their space in the market, align around ambitious visions, identify opportunities, and work with their teams to deliver on an opportunity’s value. Broadly, he facilitates and enables big groups of people to identify the right thing to do, and then do it in the best way possible. More at

No Obstacles: Building Your Product-Centered Delivery Culture

Many companies understand the value / benefits of becoming a holistic, Design-driven, Product-centric organization It’s been my experience as a consultant leading Lean Transformation initiatives at clients of many sizes, across various domains, that there are many obstacles to transforming the organization towards Product Centricity—the greatest of these, and my focus, is CULTURE Creating Product […]

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