Marc Kadish

Marc Kadish

Marc is the current Director of Product Management at XING, the n°1 platform for German speaking professionals.

Marc studied at the Imperial College of London and had various experiences as a Product Manager.
He is passionate about digital products – web and mobile – he is currently Director of Product Management at XING, the n°1 professional networking platform for German speakers.

Moreover, Marc has worked in a wide variety of companies, in different sectors, largely working as Product Manager. Combined he has more than 8 years of Product Management experience in the UK and Germany.

Auftragsklarung: The secret of strategic alignment at

In this workshop, you will learn how to implement Auftragsklärung, a tool that should be actively used to get everybody on the same page. The power lies in its ability to facilitate this process of creating a shared understanding and agreement. You know that the Auftragsklärung fulfilled its purpose once the stakeholders approve it and […]

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