Pierre-Yves Panis

Pierre-Yves Panis

Pierre-Yves created Design Co Operation, a non-profit for “Design for Development”. He is the current Head of Design at Phillips Lightning in the Netherlands.

Pierre-Yves is a design expert with more than 25 years of professional design practice, dedicated to championing smart and efficient use of design in both emerging economy and world-leading business contexts.

His current position is Head of Design at Philips Lighting, and holds this position since 2014.  Moreover, Pierre-Yves Panis was the Design & User Experience Vice President for Orange, which he joined in 2012.

He was Design Vice President and Art Director for Legrand for nine years (2003-2012). Legrand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical wiring devices and electrical systems (home automation, building management systems, voice & data solutions for buildings, etc.).

Before taking on corporate jobs in the US and in France, Pierre-Yves spent almost nine years in Southern Africa where he created and managed Design Co Operation (DCO), a non-profit design structure aimed at improving urban informal sector production in Zimbabwe. DCO’s activities were centered on a commitment to “design for development”; using an industrial design approach to conceive of and develop products specifically for small-scale, low-tech production environments.

He is a graduate of Les Ateliers (the French National School of Industrial Design) in Paris.
He is Executive Board Member of Icsid (Int’l Council of Societies of Ind. Design).

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