Ram Almog

Ram Almog

Ram is the founder of Red Interactive, a digital agency based in Israel. He helps Startups on Business Strategies, Marketing, Digital Products, and Technology.

Ram Almog is a founder at Red Interactive, a digital agency that creates products and services from concept to implementation. He consults start-ups on business strategies, marketing, digital products, and technology. Ram’s main focus is on Ed-Tech, and he has created educational products that are used all over the world. In 2014, he took on another role as CEO of ToBe Education, a company that turns lessons into exciting role playing games. Ram’s work can be seen at www.red-id.com, and to-be-education.com. He was also a Co-Founder of Mindri, which is an innovative start-up company developing and distributing technology integrated products for the treatment of add adhd learning disabilities and enhance cognitive skills

He specializes in: user interface, application architect, software development, flash, .net, digital design, film production, multimedia, television, music

Bings and Boings: Constructing the right feedback for learning

Feedback is a focal point when it comes to designing Educational Products. A lot of the engagement and motivation for learning relies on the way feedback is planned and implemented. In this workshop we will review and experiment with a range of different approaches to feedback and the way they impact the user. Ram Almog […]

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