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03. Business Experimentation for Desirability

Trainer: Cátia Pereira & Kasper van der Knaap
Location: Room 1 / Sala 1
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Business Experimentation for Desirability: De-risking Your Product with Real Customers’ Insights

We all know the importance of listening to customers when developing products. But are we really building products that address their needs, pains and hopes? To balance out the development, in this Workshop we will dive into Experiment Design tools & tips to help you gain insight into whether your product really fits with customers’ expectations. Desirability-driven experimentation is key to derisking ideas that look good in theory but will not work in reality, avoiding the commitment of key resources to features and concepts that don’t add to the product while increasing the efficiency of the development process.

Why Attend?

During the session, participants we will understand about how to identify the riskiest assumptions, structure an effective validation, debrief key insights, and prioritise findings to make decisions.

Who is it for:

Leaders and Senior roles in a collaborative session mixing theory and practical group exercises around key Canvas we use at Koos for design experimentation.

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