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04. Product-led Growth: Leveraging Customer Success through Objective Metrics

Trainer: Leah Tharin
Location: Room 2 / Sala 2
09:00 AM - 12:45 PM

Product-led Growth: Leveraging Customer Success through Objective Metrics

Unleash the Power of Product-led Growth: Unlocking Sustainable Company Growth and Acquisition Cost Reduction. Discover the most effective tactics and cutting-edge frameworks in Product-led Growth (PLG) to revolutionize your company. Say goodbye to outdated metrics like NPS and embrace a transformative approach that drives sustainable growth while reducing acquisition costs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Product-led Growth in the B2B Context: Learn how to leverage PLG to expand your market, whether by moving up or down market, and capture new opportunities.

  2. Define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs): Gain insights into how to define product-led ICPs that align with your growth objectives.

  3. Uncover Customer Success Signals: Identify and define the critical signals that indicate customer success, enabling you to optimize your product strategy.

  4. Inside View of B2B PLG: Get an exclusive look into the inner workings of successful B2B PLG implementation, with real-world examples and case studies.

  5. Conquer Midmarket Segments with Product-led Sales: Learn how to effectively leverage product-led sales strategies to penetrate midmarket segments and drive revenue growth.

Why Attend?

  • Gain a solid foundational understanding of Product-led Growth (PLG) and its transformative potential for your company.

  • Explore the crucial role of sales in the B2B context and its relevance to both Product-led and Sales-led companies.

Who is it for:

Senior executives and leaders eager to unlock new avenues for growth and drive company success through PLG.

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