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06. Building Product Ops: from zero to hero

Trainer: Anabela Cesário & Patrícia Cadete
Location: Room 5 / Sala 5
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Building Product Ops: from zero to hero

Are you interested in learning how to kickstart Product Operations within your organization for the first time? Or perhaps looking to break into Product Ops? Then this interactive, hands-on workshop is designed for you.

Why Attend?

During this workshop, participants will:

1. Get an introduction to product ops and why it is important to drive product success

2. Crafting a compelling product ops vision and strategy to gain CPO buy-in

3. Identifying relevant stakeholders and conducting interviews

4. Synthesizing key findings and identifying opportunities

5. Developing a prioritization framework

6. Defining the Product Ops pillars

7. How to create a Product Ops one pager

Who is it for:

The workshop is designed for product leaders, product ops professionals who already have, or are thinking about introducing, a Product Ops function at their company and are looking into how to do it successfully and efficiently, with a clear impact on the product organization's ability to scale.

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