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09. It's not all about launches: why and how to deprecate features and products

Trainer: Magali Pelissier
Location: Room 1 / Sala 1
02:30 PM - 06:00 PM

It's not all about launches: why and how to deprecate features and products

The session will be practical, interactive, and engaging, with exercises and reflection. The facilitator will adopt a participatory approach to engage the audience in discussions and group activities. The workshop aims to equip product managers with the skills and knowledge needed to deprecate features and products effectively. Participants will learn why deprecating features is important, understand the customer impact, collaborate with other teams, plan and execute deprecation, and identify key takeaways. The workshop will be informative, insightful, and engaging, providing participants with real-world examples and best practices to address customer concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

Why Attend?

1. The PM role is as much about deprecating features/products than launching them

2. The reasons to deprecate features can vary: lack of usage, obsolete, misalignment with vision…

3. PMs have a key role to support customers and users, by collaborating internally with customer support, success, marketing…"

Who is it for:

This workshop is designed for product managers seeking to enhance their skills in feature and product deprecation. It is relevant for individuals responsible for managing the lifecycle of digital products, making strategic decisions about feature retirement, and ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the deprecation process. Professionals in roles such as product management, product strategy, and customer success will benefit from this workshop's insights and practical guidance.

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