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Enhance your skills and knowledge with our half-day workshops given by industry leaders


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Thursday, October 3rd, 8 AM - 6PM 

8 AM

9 AM

10:30 AM

12:30 PM

2 PM

3:30 PM

5:30 PM

6 PM

Registration and welcome coffee 👋

Morning Workshop

Coffee Break (30 min.) ☕

Lunch Break 🥪

Afternoon Workshop

Coffee Break (30 min.) 

End of Workshop

Welcome Party 🍻 

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Workshop Options

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Morning 🌅


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Enabling a Product Thinking Mindset

by Chris Compston


A true sustainable change comes through self-driven continuous improvement. This practical hands-on workshop will introduce the nine 'Principles of Product Thinking' and the 'Lean Capability Canvas', giving teams the tools they need to build strong product thinking mindsets.


Whether you're facing challenges in growth or grappling with setting prices for your product plans, this workshop is perfect to help you learn how to leverage value-based pricing like a scientist, ensuring your offerings are not just priced right, but are perceived as valuable by your customers.

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How to Deal with Difficult People: Using the Product Environment Canvas

by Randy Silver


A critical part of becoming an exceptional product person is understanding how others perceive you and your team. In this workshop we'll make use of the Product Environment Canvas to review the Priorities, People, Processes and Perceptions that are slowing you down - and devise ways to overcome them.

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Strategy, OKRs, Roadmap, all at once at the same time, everywhere.

by Sebastian Prioris


Every day, product folks are expected to deliver a winning strategy for their product. Yet, a lack of understanding, practice and support is making this harder despite methodologies, tools and resources being more available than ever.
In this workshop you will learn how to handle this.

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The 5 Pillars of Psychologically Safe Teams

by Sergiu Lazar


One of the most challenging parts of a product person's job is stakeholder communication and influencing without authority. This workshop presents Psychological safety as a means to align stakeholders, and improve efficiency in product development by ensuring everybody works towards the same goals, while being fulfilled and happy with the environment they work in.

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How to build an actionable product strategy with OKRs and really use it.

by Victoria Sheer


This workshop goes beyond the daily product responsibilities. It helps product managers to challenge the status quo how their product organisation is set up and, most importantly, it gives them a lot of guidance on how to create actionable product strategy

Afternoon ☀️

3 workshops coming soon

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To Be Announced

by Tanja Lau


Details coming soon...

To Be Announced

by Radhika Dutt


Details coming soon...

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To Be Announced

by Dave Martin


Details coming soon...

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How to Register for Workshops

Online registration for workshops opens on September 4, 2024, at 1 PM Lisbon time. Seats are first-come, first-served. In-person registration is available at the Productized 2024 event if seats remain.


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Pricing Plans

Secure your spot with 30% discount!

Early Bird ends on June 28th 

Leadership Forum

October 2




✓ Access LEADERSHIP Day (Oct 2)
✓ Networking with special guests
✓ Access PDF Presentations 
✓ Coffee-breaks

1-Day Talks

October 4




All Access (2-Days)

October 3&4




✓ Access WORKSHOPS Day (Oct 3)
✓ Access TALKS Day (Oct 4) 

✓ Networking & Exclusive Party
✓ PDF Presentations

✓ Lunches & Coffee-breaks


✓ Access TALKS Day (Oct 4)
✓ After-Party
✓ PDF Presentations 

✓ Lunch & Coffee-breaks

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  • Where is the venue of Productized 2024?
    The venue of the event is going to be the PT Meeting Center (FIL), Lisbon, see how to get there.
  • Will the event have working spots for participants who need to take a call or work during the conference?
    The event venue does not have a co-working space per se, but has a lounge area, where our attendees can work and have calls, with high-speed WiFi. You may also prefer to go to the Starbucks next door.
  • Why am I being charged VAT tax if I’m outside the EU?
    VAT is mandatory on all ticket sales, businesses in EU and non-EU countries. Unlike exchanges of services which are VAT exempt, international events such as Productized Conference are required to charge VAT under European Directives for VAT. However, there are ways to claim back this VAT if you’re a business, ask your accountant how to do so.
  • How can I become a sponsor?
    Get in touch with us here.
  • What are the volunteering opportunities for this year's Productized Conference?
    Yes, we have volunteering opportunities for the conference this year. The easiest way is to fill out your interest on our registration form.
  • Still have questions?
    Contact us at
  • Can I be a speaker?
    Our panel for 2024 is already filled up! But you can apply for our 2025 edition here.
  • How can I sign up for the workshops?
    Workshops are only available for All-Access ticket holders. The workshop registration link will be sent to each participant's email close to the event date.
  • Can you advise me on convincing my boss that attending Productized is worth the investment?
    Yes, you can adapt our convince your boss template
  • Will the team be able to write a letter for me to apply for a visa after I have purchased the tickets?
    Yes. We can provide the required letter to support your visa application for the upcoming conference in Lisbon. Once you have purchased the tickets, we'll begin preparing the necessary documentation. If, for some unforeseen reason, your Visa is not issued, we will refund you. Please send us an email to with the following details for the preparation of the invitation letter: Name and Surname, Address where the letter will be delivered (e.g. Portuguese Embassy of your Country), Passport No.
  • Is the venue ready for people with disabilities?
    Productized aims to meet the accessibility and comfort needs of our attendees. The venue area benefits from an accessible route from the venue’s entrance to the reserved zone, drinking water points, and adapted restrooms.
  • Is there a discount on tickets for enterprise groups?
    Yes, tickets for Enterprise Groups are available at a 20% discount for groups with 5 or more participants! You can self-checkout using the "Get Tickets" button and select your tickets of choice. The discount will apply automatically for groups with 5 people or bigger. If you prefer, we can register the tickets for you to pay by invoice; just send us an email to with your ticket request.
  • Where is my ticket invoice for the Productized Conference?
    After a purchase, we send invoices to all of our clients via email within 5 business days.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person at least 48 hours before the event.
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